Happiness is handmade

I started making jewellery after my second operation. After many nice comments and encouragement from friends and family, my confidence in my ability grew and I started experimenting with glass and silver plate. I wasn’t happy with using silver plate as I felt it diminished the quality of my work, so now I prefer to use sterling silver in my designs.

I tried many techniques and found chainmaille which I love making but I have always wanted to do silversmithing and for Christmas my husband gave me a one day silversmithing course which gave me the confidence to have a go at achieving my dream.

I source all my sterling silver from bullion dealers and my gemstones from a few trusted companies. The saying ‘if it's too good to be true, it probably is', is very true! I have tried a lot of companies and whittled down my suppliers to 3 or 4 whose gemstones and sterling silver are consistently good quality. I also now have my own hallmark which is used on all my sterling silver pieces except the smaller components on the bracelets, earring and necklaces, which are all marked by the bullion dealers with .925 to show that they are sterling.  
All my silver pieces are hallmarked, with the exception of the really lightweight items.  The Hallmarking act states that anything with a total silver weight of 7.8 grams has to be hallmarked, but less than this doesn't. I hallmark most of my silver pieces as a guarantee that you are getting real silver.

I get an amazing buzz when someone looks at my work and an even bigger buzz when they do me the honour of buying. I always feel that because I have made the jewellery with love, that bit of love goes into the lives of the people who bought it (silly I know but…..)

Please enjoy owning and wearing my creations, they have been made with love.