I am married and have 2 children.  I work as a Teaching Assistant in a local school which I love.  I took up both watercolour painting and jewellery making when I was convalescing after hip replacements.  Watercolours came first and to my absolute surprise I seemed to be a little bit good at it. 

Please take a look at my Art page to see some of my attempts!! I hope you like them. They are all painted from my imagination or based on memories of real places. I can't seem to be able to use pictures to sketch from, so some may look familiar, but are my interpretation. I have a preference for painting rocks, reflections and seascapes and I keep trying (and failing) to paint trees, but I will persevere!

The jewellery making started after my second operation. I did some research as I have always loved jewellery and gems.  From my research I felt I could use the techniques I was seeing.  I ordered some beads and silver findings and voila, the bug bit. 

After many nice comments and encouragement from friends and family, my confidence in my ability grew and I started experimenting with glass and silver plate.  I wasn’t happy with using silver plate as I felt it diminished the quality of my work, so now I prefer to use sterling silver in my designs although due to the cost of silver I do use silver plate, albeit reluctantly so that I can keep prices at an affordable level - after all everyone deserves a treat, especially when times are tough!.  All items are clearly marked with what type of closures are used.

I am learning new techniques all the time such as Chain Maille and more recently Kumihimo Braiding. Chain Maille is the most challenging, but the results are beautiful whereas the Kumihimo braiding, although also challenging, is rather relaxing and the patterns that are made are incredible.

You can tell real gemstones because they are cold to the touch and even when worn they remain slightly cooler than body temperature.  If you rub pearls on your teeth they should feel grainy rather than smooth.

I source all my sterling silver from bullion dealers and my gemstones from a few trusted companies.  The saying ‘if it's too good to be true, then it is really true.  I have tried a lot of companies and whittled down my suppliers to 3 or 4 whose gemstones are consistently good quality.

Some gemstones or glass beads literally make themselves; the designs just come easily, others take a long time for designs to come to mind which can be frustrating.  I have some beads that have been waiting for their perfect partner so a design can jump off the page. I transfer designs from my imagination onto paper (especially when doing commissions) sometimes they become reality, sometimes they become a piece of jewellery, but the design develops when I am making.  There are some examples in the Designs page

I get an amazing buzz when someone looks at my work and an even bigger buzz when they do me the honour of buying.  I always feel that because I have made the jewellery with love, that bit of love goes into the lives of the people who bought it (silly I know but…..)

I have designed and made custom pieces for friends which have been greatly appreciated.  They just gave me the colour they wanted and I sourced the gemstones.  I then gave them a couple of ideas for designs and they chose the one they preferred, then it was down to making it.  I love the challenge of this, although it is rather nerve racking!

Please enjoy owning and wearing my creations, they have been made with love.

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The Guild of Jewellery Designers has recently accepted me as a member of their Guild. Really pleased by this acceptance.

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