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Decorating, trying something new and pass the pod

Office decorating

Hubster is decorating my office space so I can't get in there to do anything so I brought the laptop down to the dining room and most of my tools as well and have been working down here for the last couple of weeks (when I'm not in the workshop). When I haven't got something I need I sneak into the office while he is cleaning brushes (or whatever it is he is doing) and grab what I need 🤦‍♀️!! The picture below shows how I am working and trying to keep everything tidy and in one place!

Something new

I have also been learning something new to me. I have been using Art clay silver and Precious metal clays. I have fallen in love with this stuff. You can impress all sorts of things into it to make unique pieces and when fired it becomes 99.9% fine silver! This alchemy stuff really blows my mind! The first picture shows the clay after I had cut it out in a circle and textured it with watercolour paper, the second shows the formed rose (all done by hand), the third shows the rose pendant completed (all polished and finished by hand). The rest are all made using the silver clay (except the bangle, this is sterling silver)

I've also finished a special commisiion for a lady and am just waiting for part of it to come back from hallmarking (will post pics once she has the pieces and agrees to allowing me to show you all). I have been asked to do something special but I can't say more for now and I have a commission for a tiny ring for a very petitie person. Silver ordered for these, just waiting impatiently for it to arrive

Pass the Pod

I discovered the Peter Crouch Podcast a while ago. Those who know me well know that I love football and watch any football I can. I support Chelsea (I know!) and used to support Rushden & Diamonds, as my second team, before they went into administration. My sons and I used to go and watch as many home and away games as we could. Now I am more of an armchair supporter as the cost of watching games is so high. Anyway I love listening to the Peter Crouch Podcast, it is highly entertaining and makes me laugh out loud. If anyone wants a laugh and doesn't mind a bit of bad language then give this a try WARNING: This contains some bad language so if you are offended by this please don't listen. 'Back Stronger'

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