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We're just over three weeks into lockdown and we are still finding things to do. We have cleared a lot of stuff that we haven't used for ever. Most of it is bagged and going to charity (when this is all over) but some of the really old equipment will be going for recycling. We've found old laptops that we changed because they didn't work but apparently kept because 'they might come in handy some day'. A number of years on we have never even looked at them again!

The kitchen has never looked more organised. My cupboards are so organised I now can't find anything! But I will get used to the new organisation in there and will keep it like that. The office has changed the most. Hubby redecorated and put up shelves (which I have now filled with all my jewellery bits and pieces). I cleared out a lot of 'stuff' too, mainly paperwork. I've organised my beads, silver and findings and labelled as much of the storage I can (still can't find anything without pulling all the boxes out, but hey, it's nicely organised now)

I've also almost run out of silver so can't make anything for now and I have a load of pieces waiting for the assay office to open again so I can get it all hallmarked so I decided to learn something new - pilymer clay. Anyone that follows me will have seen my progress on FB. Still learning but really liking the organic way the clay reacts to 'smooshing' and rolling. Here are a few of my practice pieces, from just using some old clay I had to more recent makes and using different colour combinations. Some are more successful than others but I will keep practicing.

Using the polymer clay I made some animals, mostly cats at the moment but I love them. I am definitely going to make other animals as I learn how to make them.

So that's how I've filled my days so far. I guess being self employed means I am used to my own company so the lockdown for me is no different, but I know it is hard for many people. Stay strong, we will get through this. Much love x

#supportournhs #styathome #savelives #supportlocalbusiness #supportthejewellerytrade

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