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Not jewellery (much), a massive THANK YOU to Sainsbury's

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Interesting few days. Staying at home (which isn't a problem for someone working alone anyway), but trying to sort out food deliveries for my frail, elderly mother-in-law. She doesn't live near us and we are her only contacts and her friend are all elderly and vulnerable too. We visit regularly and take her her shopping or get it delivered to her and do whatever jobs she needs doing. As we cannot now visit her in the light of everything going on now we followed the advice from the Goverment and we registerd her on the very vulnerable list so that she was highlighted.

With this panic buying mullarkey we, as lots of others, were struggling to get delivery slots. I got in touch with Tesco and Sainsbury's as we have accounts for Mum with both of these. Tesco basically suggested that her friends should shop for her (even though I explained her situation) and there doesn't appear to be any slots for the vulnerable for online shopping (apologies if I am wrong on this). Sainsbury's however have been brilliant. They used the vulnerable list and they identified her as one of their vulnerable customers and opened their priority slots so we could shop for her. The relief was enormous. Huge thanks to Sainsbury's Mike Coupe CEO and his office for their communications with me and their assurances. I cannot thank them enough for their efforts on behalf of the most vulnerable in our society.


Unfortuantely the shop I sell my jewellery in has closed due to current emergency but I still have my online shop open. I have left it up to customers whether they want to buy or not so I am not closing the website but for your assurance I unltrasonic all the silver jewellery to ensure it is clean and don't handle it after cleaning. In practice my orders have now all dried up but hopefully I will be back when all this is over and will be back stronger.

Now onto as normal a life as possible.

Stay indoors, stay safe, stay strong and consider all those around you

Much love


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