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Ready for re-opening?

Well it's been an interesting time. I have enjoyed the peacefulness of lockdown and seeing so much wildlife coming back to the garden and surrounding area. It's a shame that this will change going forward. I had hoped that things would change once easing started but it looks as if we humans will be going back to what was before. Shame we don't learn!

Anyway enough of negativity! I have been busy in the workshop making new items and preparing for the shop to open again. I have quite a bit to send for hallmarking and now they have been open for a couple of weeks I will be sending the pieces out once the last couple of items I have to finished are done.

The shop owner is aiming for a re-opening date of the 7th July. There has been a lot for her to think about i.e. social distancing, what to do with stock that has been touched but not purchased. It's a minefiled but she has done fantastically well to get things sorted.

I am looking forward to getting back to the shop to give my silver a good clean and re-organise my space. I'm hoping it's not going to be too onerous a task! I've worked out a process for isolating any stock that has been touched (72 hours off display) so I am happy.

I want to thank everyone for their support during this time. It's been difficult as sales have dropped and I am relying on the website for sales. It is totally understandable that people don't have the money for 'luxury' items, but I hope that as things get back to some sort of normal things will improve, not just for me but for all small businesses out there.

For now take care and stay safe. Wear a face covering when necessary and stay alert.

Much love


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