Polymer clay earrings


Handmade polymer clay earrings coated with resin to protect the colours and add a lovely shine.  Finished with sterling silver earr wires.


The earring is 1" across at it's widest poinr and 1.75" (approx) from the curve of the earring to the bottom of the earring.


The polymer clay is recieved as in the picture and conditioned by hand to ensure it is pliable.  It is then either made into 'canes' to whatever design is wanted or put through a pasta machine to blend colours.  When using a cane it is sliced and arranged on a backing (if needed) and smoothed.  A cutter is used to make the shape, it is then baked.  Once baked it is sanded and resin or varnish appilied.  If resin is used the piece is placed in a UV chamber to set the resin.  If a blend is used it is applied to a polymer clay backing and the same process as for the canes is followed.  No piece will be the same even from the same cane/blend therefore each piece is unique.


This item is not hallmarked as it is well under the leagal wight requirement for hallmarking (7.78 gms)